5 Reasons Why Wearing a Watch Makes a Man Very Attractive

For a man a watch can often be a symbol of status. For years men have collected time pieces and included them as a part of their ensemble. When chosen wisely a watch can increase a man's attractiveness. Here are the Top 5 reason a watch can make a man more attractive.

It Shows That He Has somewhere to Be

A working man will want to know the time. His work is important and he will want to make sure that he is on time to his job. A man without a watch probably is not in a rush to get to work.

It shows he has style

A watch can be a man's way of showing his style. There are so many different kinds of mens watch. A man who takes the time to pick out a watch that is appropriate for a certain event understands style. A man with a nice collection of watches understands style and fashion. 

It shows he will value you 

A watch can be a symbol that a man values your time. If he is your date he is showing he wants to show up on time for dates and gatherings. If he is in a meeting it could show that he wants to get the most out of the meeting because he understands the time is limited.

It shows he is versatile

A man with a variety of watches understands how to change for different situations. A party, interview or an evening with the family might all require a different style of watch. A man who understands this is showcasing his versatility.

It shows that he knows how to relax

A man with a watch doesn't plan to work all day. He understands there is a part of his day that should be set aside to relax and have fun. In a fast paced world where everyone is working what could be more attractive than that.

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